Naturally The Series

Naturally is a series I started this summer after working on another about the figure that gradually grew into portraits, the first two of the series were just an idea and Naturally II is the second of those two. I saw the images and immediately wanted to paint them and in the studio I did just that. The pieces are a conversation about identity and about embracing a culture that is going through a lot right now. It's a hard conversation to have and a place where people feel less than they should so I wanted these pieces to make people not only see themselves as naturally beautiful but also I wanted them to be able to stand as a beautiful representation of a people that aren't seen in that light by all. You can't look at these images and not have a have to talk about them, you have to ask questions, you have to put a face there, you have to see a face... There is so much emotion poured into these images, And each reaction is a part of the conversation I want to create with them. I love who I am, I love who we are... I used to be scared of making "black art" because of the box it put you in... but this isn't about being accepted by a gallery or a critic, it's about a celebration of people... People that need to be celebrated.